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Let me begin this blog by admitting my sense of fashion is more comfort rather than what’s in vogue. I blame this bit on my ignorance on what’s considered latest in the fashion world or my impatience with having to spend hours deliberating on what to wear. No, don’t confuse my tardiness with lack of interest to dress right; I do love to dress up, pick pretty colors and cute patterns but I’d prefer having to do this without investing all of my energy and time into it. And when I travel, I like having a varied range but I also want to ensure it looks stylish, fits right, fabric is breathable and of course it shouldn’t hurt my pocket. This is when I stumbled upon the clothing brand Caribbean Joe. A brand that recognizes itself as a holiday pick. So whether you’re setting sail this summer, lounging with a book in a resort, digging your feet into the lush white sandy beaches, or jetting off to the mountains or going on an adventure, scroll down for insanely good vacation picks.
Travel, we believe, means confronting boredom, staring it down, and emerging not only unscathed but revitalized. We live in an age that has little patience for monotony. Tethered to our iThings, we text and tweet the days away, secure in the knowledge that we need never experience that unsettling ennui that is, let’s face it, part of the human condition. Travel presents an opportunity to untether, and that is best done in less interesting places.
Caribbean Joe says Kerala’s Kuttinad backwaters region is , in every sense, a world apart from the mainstream of Indian life. Sandwiched between the Arabian Sea and the foothills of the Western Ghat Mountains, its heart is a tangled labyrinth of rivers, rivulets and shimmering lagoons, enfolded by a curtain of dense tropical foliage. This natural barrier screens Kuttinad from the roads, railways and market towns that dominate the rest of the coastal strip, making it blissfully tranquil.

We love Goa for its beaches, stunning scenery, the laid-back hippy vibe and of course, the food. Food in Goa is somewhat different to Indian food found elsewhere, of course, you could say that about any state and food. There’s a lot more to Goan food than pork vindaloo and prawn balchão. Authentic Italian, German and Greek food is all on the menu.

Ask any seasoned, stylish holiday-maker what she always packs, and chances are a kaftan forms the basis of her covetable attire. It's the one democratic item that doesn't require you to be tall, thin or resemble Elisa Sednaoui in a way that, say, a string bikini might

There’s something beautiful about walking on a beach in the pouring rain. The raindrops hitting the surface ocean blanket out all others sounds around you, the water turns glassy smooth and the surf’s lines become more distinct as they approach the shore

If you’re planning on hitting the beach soon with your buddies or family, we are pretty sure you’re looking for something to wear. Aside from a cute swimsuit, another piece that you shouldn’t be without at the beach is a cover up.
As the warm-weather sun is slowly hiding behind cloudy skies, cheer your spirits as you’re visiting friends over a weekend, or for an evening stroll , or the weekend getaway to a resort, but, is your wardrobe ready? Well, you're in luck, it is hard to find summer-like and beachwear as we enter the monsoons - especially unique, vibrant, comfortable yet chic clothing to suit the bright occasions. ..
Does anything say "tropical beach" more than coconut palm trees? With their slim, graceful grey trunks and languid palm fronds, these beautiful specimens of nature grace islands and coastal lands of Indian sub-continent.

We believe that the glass is half full. We believe that barefoot is best. We believe in the healing power of sand, rum, limes and laughter. We believe that maybe the hokey pokey is what it's all about. We believe that time spent together with friends and family is time well spent. We believe in the island spirit of warmth and hospitality. And we believe that summer is way too short and that vacations are a state of mind. Welcome to Caribbean Joe.

Set Descending Direction